Thursday, September 13, 2012

BeEF web cloning, BeEF mass mailing, Social Engineering with better BeEF!

After a week of hard work, I'm pleased to release a new Social Engineering extension that will come very handy during your social engineering attacks that involve Phishing, both email and web based.

Now BeEF has its own web cloner, and its own mass mailer! But, there are tools out there that do this already, you say. Why should I use BeEF to do this, you ask?

Because it's BeEF! While there are other tools out there to do these things, I've made some improvements to how these are done when adding them into BeEF. We're talking about things like cloning web pages with an exact path, automatic BeEF hooking, and finally a mass mailer that supports HTML emails... well, you should really read this whole post.