Friday, May 11, 2012

Teaser: BeEF In a Real World Pen Test

We post about some things we hope you'll think are pretty cool. But, we also know you want to know how BeEF can be used in a real world scenario. So, let’s talk about why BeEF is great for dinner, and why it’s a great addition to your social engineering and pentest diet.

On Monday, we'll begin a series to walk you through pentesting with BeEF, starting from initial research and continuing through final results.

In the first part of this series, we’ll walk you through clever ways to hook your victims using social media and some other tried and true phishing methods.

In the second part, we'll explore scope limiting your hooking, and explore how things like pop-under and man-in-the-browser attacks can assert persistence once you get your victim on the line.

In the third part, we’ll talk about how to collect information from the target, including what information you can get from cookies, the clipboard, and even the operating system. 

Then we’ll talk a bit about how you can use the information you’ve gathered to get further into the network.


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